Marta Oldenburgs CV


Emcee and scriptwriter
Salong Giraff, Stockholm

2012 “Klatsch goes filth”
A post burlesque performance by and with
Marta Oldenburg and Lindy Larsson
Shown at various venues around Sweden

2010-2011 “Images of Louise Brooks”
Performer, dancer and writer
Directed by Sven Mundt
Volksbuhne, Studio 44, Berlin, Germany

2011 “Cabaret Sweden heaven and hell”
Initiative taker, performer, choeographer and musician
Shown at various stages in London such as Madame Jojo’s

2010-2011 “Work in progress⁄War in progress”
Actress and writer
Final show during “Skratt utan gränser” in Teaterhögskolan, Stockholm
Directed by Stephen Rappaport
Shown at various venues in Sweden

2010-2011 “Clowner utan gränser”
Clown on the West Bank, Israel and Sinai desert
Masteryear at Teaterhögskolan, Stockholm

2009 “Judy and the leftovers”
A cabaret by and with Marta, Lindy (and musicians)
Shown at various scenes in Stockholm

2009 “WALLA Varieté”
Performer, dancer, singer and musician
Walla scen, Stockholm

2008-2009 “Judy & Lindy”
Nightclubvarieté by and with Marta Oldenburg and Lindy Larsson
Performed at Judy’s, Stockholm

2007-now “Glädjeflickorna” – A musical cabaret
Creator, musician and singer
together with Miriam Oldenburg
Shown at various stages in Sweden and Euorope

Happenings and performance art
Creator, performer, musician and song writer
“Mumsmums” presented at various stages and events such as:
“Fläskprivat”, “U-tube idols”, “Work that burka”,
“Lydmars Hotel installation”, “Brottsplats Mumsmums”,
“Tuttifrutti” “Homage for John Waters”, “Bad beach”
and release parties for “Mums the magasine”

2007 “Kafka the cabaret”, Riksteatern
Emcee, songwriter and musician
Directed by Kalle Seldahl and Ella Jarosevic
Tours in Sweden

2007-now “Lovedoctor”
Creator and performer
A performance and installation act in various shapes
depending on location and audience
Performed in Sweden and the U.K.

2007 “Gosa in den stajlen”
Performer, musician and singer
Directed by Öllegård Guolos

2000-2009 Verdens teatrern
Performer and co-creator in following productions:
“Regla” 2000-2003
“Tsalal” 2003-2006
“Louder” 2007-2009
Shown in various theatres and festivals in Euroupe and U.S.A.

2002-now “Klatsch” – A visual peace orchestra
Initiative taker, musician and singer

2000-2001 “Sotarpojken”
Directed by Thorsten Flinck
Stockholms Statsteater

2001-2002 “Cirkusliv”, Cirkus Cirkör
performer and dancer
Touring schools in Sweden

1999-2000 “00”, Cirkus Cirkör
Emcee, comedienne, dancer and musician
Directed by Siri

1998-1999 “The Cunt & Dick show”
Creator and performer together with Dick Crane
Touring Germany and Great Britain

1997-1999 “Dona Juanita ” Solo show
Performer, writer, singer and dancer
in collaboration with Miriam Oldenburg
Directed by Öllegård Goulos
Shown at Stockolms Stadsteteater and toured stages in Europe

1996-1997 “Cabaret”, Riksteatern
As “Helga”. Performer, dancer and musician
Tours in Sweden

1999 “Petra von Kants bittra tårar”
as “Marlene”
Directed by Alexander Onofri
Teater Plaza, Stockholm

1986-1996 Remote control Productions
Performer and dancer in following productions:
“Rewind song”
“Fast Forward”
“La prison des femmes”
Director Michel Laub.
Tours all over Europé in theatres and in festivals

1983-1985 “King Lear”
Directed by Ingmar Bergman
Dramaten, Stockholm and stages in Europe


Founder, CEO and model at Fading Beauties, model agency


2009-2010 Masteryear “Laughs without borders” at the Academy of Theatre in Stockholm
1993 The Strassberg studio, London
1983-1984 Teaterverkstan, Stockholm
1981-1982 Balettakademien, Stockholm